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Sagres is one of the most interesting places for bird watching in Portugal.

Besides the various species that live there or nest (ex. Red-billed chough, Warbler tomilheira or Little Bustard), is a major migratory corridor of numerous soaring birds, among them several birds of prey

Annually, several thousand of these birds fill the skies of this region and attract hundreds of enthusiasts who purposely go there to observe and photograph.

Booted eagle, short-toed eagle, honey buzzard, Griffin, black stork, vulture-of-egypt, imperial eagle and black vulture are some of the dozens of species that spend every year in this area. But the ornithological interest does not end here.

At sea, thousands of seabirds pass along the coast, including shearwaters, gannets, millers, sea-swallows, among others, and in the fields, are passerines that give life to the landscape.

Between August and November are more than 170 species that can be seen in this region, occurring in October one of the peaks of greater abundance and diversity.

It was in view of these aspects, which in early 2010 began the preparation of 1st Sagres Birdwatching Festival in order to get to know this region and its unique natural values.




In Sagres, the most sought after sports modalities are surfing and windsurfing, however this location has made known to visitors, more outdoor activities.

This is the case of karts sailing (ecokarts), mountain biking, climbing, Trekking, diving and others, exploring the natural beauty of Costa Vicentina and the Ocean.


Boating and Sailing


You can also take advantage to know the coast of Sagres making promenades and other activities (CAPE CRUISER)

Dolphin watching

Enjoy a journey guided by a marine biologist and let yourself be impressed by a singular tour to observe dolphins and seabirds.

St. Vincent Cape Tour - Journey to the "World's End"

Meet the coast of Sagres and admire magnificent bays and coves surrounded by huge rock formations. A tour full of history which overlooks ancient fortifications.