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What Algarve has more to offer and the so-called Tourism Sun and Beach. All tourists like to take the maximum advantage of this offer and enjoy a good exposure to the sun. In the middle of summer it is recommended sunscreen to all, and special attention to people with lighter skin..


In the Region of the Algarve, hospitality dominates in interactions with tourists. The pre-disposition to facilitate understanding is the key word and there will be no difficulties in the handling of foreign languages, especially English, French, Spanish and Italian;


In schedules practiced in the restoration just have to have more attention at the dinner hour, since from the 10.00 PM just a few places still serve as the nightlife schedules must take into account that the local bars start with some agitation from 11.00 PM and nightclubs just starting 1.00 AM.

How Much Is It

Average Meal € 12,00
minimum consumption disco: € 10,00
Awning on the beach (1 day rent): € 12,00 - 15,00


For family tourists traveling in the Algarve not to need to have worries with the admission of children in places out of doors, as the population has by tradition be an affectionate people.